HAZITEK grant for the AMBOTO project
LUMIKER has received a new HAZITEK grant for the AMBOTO project. Its main objective is the development of a line […]
LUMIKER receives a new HAZITEK grant for the AINES project and its funding
LUMIKER will receive a HAZITEK funding for the AINES project. An initiative in which it participates together with the Energy […]
LUMIKER has obtained two grants from the Hazitek program of the Basque Government for two of our technological projects. This […]
The Optic Fibre-Based Hydrogen Leak Control Systems project OPTHYCS has just been launched. Hydrogen has emerged as a required fuel […]
The website of the AVOGADRO project, an ADVANCED renewable gas HYDROGEN recharging system for mobility applications, is already up and […]
2i Plan for the Promotion of Innovation and Advanced Investment
Lumiker has been ranted access to the 2i Plan for the Promotion of Innovation and Advanced Investment 2022 Program. An […]
LUMIKER - AINES Project: Optical monitoring systems for electrical networks
LUMIKER will participate -together with the Energy Cluster, Barbara IoT, Alerion and UNICAN– in the AINES project for the development […]
Lumiker - Proyecto Avogadro - Hidrogenera de altas prestaciones. Integrantes del proyecto Avogadro
The AVOGADRO project is backed by the Basque Government and is aimed at helping the Basque Country gain international recognition […]
Lumiker: Enlit On the Road 2022
Last March, Lumiker took part in a new session of Enlit on the Road in Bilbao, where we talked about […]
Lumiker: EV Opticharger
During 2021, Lumiker has been awarded, in collaboration with the Basque Energy Cluster, and VELTIUM SMARTCHARGERS, an IBG project (Innovative […]