Last March, Lumiker took part in a new session of Enlit on the Road in Bilbao, where we talked about the Basque Country’s unique energy business community, next to the Cluster De Energía.

Manuel Muñoz, our Managing Director, shared our insights in the energy sector with Nicolas Arcauz (global digitalisation manager, Iberdrola Networks), Galder Vizcaya (product manager metering, ZIV), Jose Ignacio Hormaeche (general manager, Basque Energy Cluster), Ángel Díaz (director of smart grids, Tecnalia), Haritz Zubia (CTO, Ariadna Grid), Mikel Zaldunbide (global sales strategy manager, ORMAZABAL), Paddy Young (director Enlit Europe), Florence Coullet (content director, Enlit Europe) and Kelvin Ross (editor-in-chief, Enlit).

In this roundtable we talked about how Lumiker is helping to bring a unique level of innovation and competitiveness to the global decarbonisation thanks to the transformation of the energy system.

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