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We understand and support our customers with our custom optics and electronics solutions. We adjust to your needs, managing the whole process or specific stages.


Eliminate bottlenecks in component acquisition.

Eliminate bottlenecks in talent recruitment.

Easier management of your assets.

Team skill improvement and synergies with our experts.

Efficient development process.

Reduction of costs and unnecessary redundancies.

Advanced engineering services in electronic and photonic activities

Development of onboard electronics systems, including:
  • Engineering development: concept, design and development.
  • Custom manufacturing: assembly, integration, testing and prototyping.

Optical and Electronic Engineering capabilities

Including development activities and ad-hoc manufacturing of embedded systems
  • Mechanical design of electronics equipment, from board materials up to full box integration. BOM Management, Interface Design using SolidWorks, ANSYS, Abaqus…
  • Hardware & Firmware Development, Manufacturing, Testing and Validation. PCBs, FPGAs. Tools Used: Selenium, Altium.
  • Software Development (Low and High Level), Integration into CPU or FPGAs and PCBs, Development of Algorithms and data management into Cloud Systems using C, C++, VBA, IADL.
  • End to End Electronic Product Development, Manufacturing, Testing, Validation and CE Marking including Aftermarket Support.

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