Because of the need to be competitive in an increasingly demanding context, LUMIKER’s management establishes as its Quality Policy, its commitment to compliance with customer requirements, as well as any other standard and/or legal requirement that affects our products.

Lumiker’s activity is based on the development of photonics and/or electronic equipment from its conception to its manufacture and delivery.

LUMIKER’s management is committed to promoting this Policy and ensuring that it is understood and applied by the entire organisation, making a special effort:

  • Permanent satisfaction of customer requirements, working on the continuous improvement of the product and the service provided to the customer.
  • By working as a team we will be able to detect problems and take action to lay the foundations for Continuous Improvement in the organisation.
  • Proximity and accessibility in terms of daily operations, mutual support and useful and fluid information and communication for the correct execution of work and the running of the company.

This declaration is the result of the analysis carried out based on the environment in which the company is located and supports its strategic direction and is therefore the reference framework for establishing our quality objectives.

On the other hand, LUMIKER manages its environmental impact and waste according to ISO14001, with the aim of being an environmentally friendly and sustainable company.