EMIMEP, the European Master for Industry in Microwave Electronics and Photonics formerly known as EMIMEO, will count with LUMIKER APLICACIONES TECNOLÓGICAS as one of its associated partners.

This educational project addresses the increasing demand for research and industrial applications in science, technology, and engineering. As a thoroughly integrated program, EMIMEP covers a spectrum from fundamentals to implementations in wired and wireless communications, catering to the evolving needs of communication systems and networks.

And thus, LUMIKER is proud to play a role in this transformative initiative. Our expertise in photonics and electronics aligns seamlessly with the objectives of EMIMEP, and we are eager to contribute to the empowerment of the next generation of engineers. Through our collaboration with this program, we aim to foster an environment where innovation thrives, and students emerge not just as graduates but as trailblazers in the dynamic fields of microwave electronics and photonics.

EMIMEP’s Role in Science and Technology

Providing students with training courses in microwave electronics and photonics holds significant importance in equipping them for upcoming job opportunities over the next 5-10 years. These courses focus on crucial areas such as networks (energy transports), industrial modernization (encompassing new technologies, smart grids, and digital infrastructures), the exploration of clusters for fostering new ecosystems, and the promotion of cross-border synergies.

EMIMEP fields of study and partners
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EMIMEP as a holistic educational experience

The EMIMEP project is not merely a master’s program; it’s a comprehensive learning journey that propels students into a future where they are poised to make a significant impact on the world of science and technology.

This innovative project, funded by the European Union from September 1, 2023, to October 31, 2029, will help students gain thorough knowledge and experience in the electronics and photonics field. It has been recognized by the European Commission as a Master study program of Excellence.