The website of the AVOGADRO project, an ADVANCED renewable gas HYDROGEN recharging system for mobility applications, is already up and running. An initiative in which Lumiker participates, collaborating in the development of new high-pressure green hydrogen refueling stations for heavy transport.


In this project, LUMIKER provides the Critical Variables Monitoring System, through the implementation of H2 detection sensors and products for H2 measurement and detection based on fiber optics.

AVOGADRO Project: Areas of Activity
AVOGADRO Project: areas of activity led by LUMIKER

As results of this project, it is intended to generate new products or substantially improved existing products:

  • Investigation of materials and specific treatments for components in contact with H2 gas
  • Type I low pressure receiver, pre-cooler, compressor and Type IV tank design
  • Development of a power electronics optimization tool
  • Hydrogen sizing and simulation models for road and rail transport
  • Refueling protocol for future hydrogen trains
  • H2 Detection Sensors
  • Products for measurement and detection of H2 based on fiber optics
Proyecto AVOGADRO. Logotipo
Lumiker - Proyecto Avogadro - Hidrogenera de altas prestaciones. Financiación
This action is co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2021-2027 (FEDER) through the Aid Program to Support Business R&D – HAZITEK.

AVOGADRO fits perfectly into the Basque Hydrogen Strategy, which sets ambitious goals for the year 2030, such as having a fleet of 20 buses that run on hydrogen, 450 goods transport vehicles of different sizes and 10 hydrogen stations for the general public. In addition, this is in line with the Euskadi 2030 Energy Strategy, which aims to develop hydrogen technologies related to land transport to reduce dependence on oil in this sector.

On our page dedicated to Renewable Hydrogen you can obtain more information about LUMIKER’s contribution to the AVOGADRO project.