During the session Lumiker will present its new product CAMOS 200 and other Optronic Market technological solutions for asset monitoring and digitalisation, the key for the success and viability of operation and maintenance processes in the power industry.

For several years we have been investigating the different technologies in fiber optics such as Faraday, Bragg, Brillouin, Raman and Rayleigh.

In the last three years Lumiker has patented several patents that allow us to obtain real time measurements of the electrical network like anyone has never done before.

The CAMOS system (Cable Assets Management Optical System) is a Lumiker patented technology that consists of several optical sensors for the complete management of power cables. The system monitors in real time 24/7 the most important values of the cable in modules and phase.

Lumiker’s optical systems are passive (they do not require current or maintenance) and can measure nominal values (2A to 600A) and short circuit values (up to 60,000A).

The optical systems can be located in the substations and also at intermediate points (e.g. ground connections).

The CIGRE Session is the leading global event for sharing power system expertise, gathering worldwide experts in even numbered years to discuss and learn about the future of the industry and to display the latest solutions for the whole value chain, from generation to distribution. The CIGRE Session is a comprehensive event that offers – during a whole week – an extensive range of activities to more than 3200 delegates and 6600 exhibition visitors.

CIGRE 2021 Session (21-25 August 2021) will take place at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.