LUMIKER has a grant from the support program from the Agrupaciones Empresariales Innovadoras (AEI) program for the AINES II project, that is intended to improve the competitiveness of SMEs.

AINES is an initiative in which LUMIKER participates together with the Energy Cluster, Barbara IoT, Alerion and UNICAN for the creation of new predictive systems based on AI and ML for optical monitoring for electrical networks.

Through this economic aid, LUMIKER will integrate new predictive analyzes on transport capacity and Ampacity into its CAMOS (Cable Advanced Monitoring Optic System AINES I) digital interface, in order to make critical operating decisions, or know the thermal state of the critical points of the installation before an alarm or failure occurs.

LUMIKER - AINES Project: Optical monitoring systems for electrical networks
AEI grant for AINES II