LUMIKER will participate -together with the Energy Cluster, Barbara IoT, Alerion and UNICAN– in the AINES project for the development of new optical monitoring systems for electrical networks. Thanks to this collaboration, it will integrate within its digital interface CAMOS (Cable Advanced Monitoring Optic System) new predictive analysis and functionalities based on Edge Computing, new AI algorithms and the correlation between real data and dynamic cable classification models.

LUMIKER - AINES Project: Optical monitoring systems for electrical networks

Optical monitoring systems for electrical networks

This initiative arises from the need to anticipate the prediction of anomalous operating situations in critical industrial assets electrical energy supply networks, under different load patterns and known environmental conditions. Its main purpose is the creation of management tools for the operation and maintenance of smarter electrical networks, through the dynamic classification of cables in real time correlated with finite elements and analytical models, the predictive thermal behavior of cables based on scheduled loads and AI in real time and the predictive analysis of the effects of outdoor temperature, the relative humidity of the soil and the load of the cable in capacitive current, harmonics, homopolar current and cross earth currents.

To this end, Red Eléctrica will provide one of its pilot facilities in electricity networks. An infrastructure based in Barcelona already equipped with CAMOS and LTS-BRAGG monitoring systems with which to synchronize the current and temperature measurements (in substations and several intermediate points) on the 3 phases of each circuit. 

AI-based prediction model

AINES will create a prototype of a functional predictive analysis module that will strengthen the functionalities of analysis and data exploitation of the circuits in operation. It will focus on the application of AI technologies, digital signal processing, Edge processing and Visual Analytics to improve operational decisions on transport circuits where a monitoring system already exists.  

The project covers two main lines of work in the field of Artificial Intelligence, which will be developed by LUMIKER in collaboration with Alerion Technologies S.L. On the one hand, they will investigate the generation, validation and integration of AI models focused on predictive functionalities for power distribution lines. The main pillar of this predictive capability will be the generation of individual models of each cable based on both physical simulators and Machine Learning models based on the data captured during cable operation.  

Thermal models

On the other hand, the project will be oriented to the development of calculations at the Edge with correlation of the results of thermal and capacity models of each cable. At this point, the collaboration of Barbara IoT S.L. comes into play. They will be responsible for data storage and deployment of algorithms in the Cloud, the creation of alert generation services and the management of connectivity at the Edge. 

The University of Cantabria will play an external collaborative role in the project, with the definition of these thermal models. Its contribution will allow prognosis data to be emitted under existing operating conditions and to correlate predictions with it. In this way, the project will also aim to validate the predictive analysis module and validate the thermal analysis model of cable behavior, both of which may be necessary elements for future operational or maintenance decision-making.