We digitalize transport and distribution electrical networks

We use innovative and disruptive technologies, based on photonics or fiber optics, in our products.

Our systems can be installed in a critical location of the asset, and also in a semi-distributed or distributed way, to address distributed measurements on long-distance linear assets with a significant resolution.

Our products are oriented to a triple segmentation of the network


  • We measure the structural integrity of the towers, to install deformation sensors in their support and passive anemometers in their head in order to measure the direction and magnitude of the wind.
  • Our sensors are installed in terminals or joints, to measure vibrations and temperature.

These measurements can be carried out on alternating or direct current cables, thanks to our specific CAMOS200 product for the monitoring of underground or submarine cables, with current measurement, and to LUMIKER DLR, which measures temperature and deformation of catenary on the conductors and correlates these magnitudes with the speed and direction of the wind.

Line and cable products are divided into:

  • Underground Cables and Mixed Lines.
  • Airlines.
  • Underwater cables.

Our solutions

  • We measure oil temperature in the expansion chambers of transformation centers.
  • We measure swith temperature and position remotely and 24/7.
  • We measure disconnector temperature and position.
  • The substitution of traditional current transformers by optical current transformers can be included as an option. The advantages are clear: their resilience and the fact that they do not saturate when measuring short circuits.

AC/DC Stations

In our solution for current, voltage and temperature monitoring we install passive sensors in the cells, with ground processing to remove all electronic devices inside the high voltage segment and to transfer the light signal shots through optical fibers, installed up to the processing center.


  • Measurement systems for the tap changer, to determine the deformation, the temperature and the end of the stroke.
  • Measurement of deformation and temperature in the windings (vibrations can also be measured).
  • Continuous measurement of conventional and terminal current.
  • Measurement of the remaining electromagnetic field in order to know the transformer’s health status during its life cycle.

We integrate FBG, Brillouin and Faraday systems; all of them based on passive dielectric sensors immune to electromagnetic impact and based on photonics and fiber optics.

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