R+D projects developed through public funding

Since its creation, Lumiker has followed a strategy of technological innovation, aware that the generation of new innovative products makes it possible to increase the company’s competitiveness.


Design and development of a new optical interconnection system for the sensorisation of energy transport networks.

The CDTi awards LUMIKER the design and development of the EDFA INTERSEN project.

The main objective of this project is to design and develop the technology needed to reduce the number of fibres required for the interconnection between passive sensors and data acquisition installations.

  • Funding programme: CDTi
  • EXP – 00136136 / IDI-20210765


Development of innovative electric vehicle charging solutions with optical current measurement systems.
  • Funding programme: AEI
  • AEI-010500-2021-159


Development of an innovative system for the structural health control and blade pitch of Wind Turbines.

Through the SPRI-HAZITEK Programme of the Basque Government.

  • Funding programme: HAZITEK
  • ZL-2021/00474


Development of technologies, products and services to provide a comprehensive solution for the O&M of floating wind turbines through the development of new technologies.

LUMIKER collaborates as a leader in monitoring systems for Offshore Wind Turbine components.

  • Funding programme: HAZITEK
  • ZE-202100042


Communication oriented lasers in a bragg interrogator.

LUMIKER has developed a new Bragg interrogator that improves its communications, speed , sensitivity and data processing capabilities with the support of the Basque Government.

This project integrates the selection and calibration of lasers oriented to improve emission and reflectivity ratios of the sensed signals.

  • Funding programme: HAZITEK
  • ZL-2020/00893


Monitoring of high voltage switching elements by applying optical sensors for the implementation of smart grids.
  • Funding programme: CDTi
  • EXP 00091914 / INNO-20161052


Development of an advanced electric current monitoring system based on a fibre optic sensor platform.
  • Funding programme: HAZITEK
  • ZL-2019/00888

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