Safety first

We generate solutions to help you monitor structures and flight tests in order to identify and detect possible faults efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

Advanced solutions to reduce costs without compromising security

Our solutions…

  • Adapt the interrogator within costs based on Real-Time and the number of sensors.
  • Increase the number of variables monitored with the same CPU and/or interrogation equipment.
  • Reduce operational costs (by having passive sensors).

How do we do it?

  • We use a single CPU to interrogate all sensors, with integrated data processing.
  • We increase accuracy and accessibility to data in real time.
  • We reduce mistakes related to using different equipment.

Thanks to Lumiker…

  • You will increase the linearity of your data, reducing “noise”.
  • You will implement redundant SLED interrogators, which will improve the resiliency of the solution and reduce fading.
  • You will use patented multiplexing-equipment, which simplifies the FTI installation.
  • You will reduce weight.
  • You’ll be supported from start to finish: from choosing the best solution to obtaining after-sales data correlation services.

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