1. Cable Monitoring & Mixed Lines
  • Passive Optronic System Design, Build, Installation and Cloud Connection.
  • Faults Location, Detection, and Discrimination
  • Real time Remote Asset Monitoring improving Maintenance Costs.

2. Digitalization, Monitoring & Testing Data Surveys
  • Sensor Design, Build, Installation and Connection based on passive optic systems.
  • Real Time Data Set Management, Discrimination and Collection
  • Data Correlation with Simulation Models or SCADA System.
3. Optic, Electronic or Sensing Equipment
  • Design, Build, Installation and connection to Cloud or SCADAs.
  • Digital Sensing Models Calibration and interface development.
  • Asset Monitoring, Predictive Model Support, Root Cause Analysis for faults, Life Extension Support.
  • Any Asset: Infrastructures, Buildings, Aerospace, Ground Transport, Power Plants, Oil&Gas…..

Take away

  1. Monitorización continua en tiempo real.
  2. Sistemas pasivos.
  3. Duraderos, resistentes y sin mantenimiento.
  4. Extensión de la vida útil de los activos.
  5. Mantenimiento Predictivo.
  6. Localización y Discriminación de Fallas
  7. Reducción Directa de OPEX y CAPEX
  8. Proveedor escalable y flexible @ RDT Engineers Support