Bragg Sensing

Sensor Adaptation, monitoring system installation for Temperature, Strain, Vibrations, Accelerometers,…


Lumiker is developing solutions to monitor structural health of Aircraft Major Components specially for FTI applications.

LUMIKER´s technologies allow to adapt the interrogating equipment to redundant systems, to interrogate semi-distributed sensor arrays, in a scalable manner where the client can decide to monitor single variables at several 10s of locations, or move to a more complex systems with  multiple variables and 1000s of point of location.

We think that FBG sensors are the best optic solution to this application since a Raleigh based system has a very slow real-time data process and is very difficult to calibrate to precise testing data collection, and a Brillouin system is far away the target cost for a testing application. Look at our bibliography.


LUMIKER is developing solutions to monitor the operational conditions of Wind Parks, their assets and specific wind turbine components.

Using the Faraday Effect we can effectively measure currents in module and angle all the  electrical equipment associated to the Park (have a look at CAMOS Solutions here), and using fibre Bragg Gratings we can measure effectively the mechanical behaviour of any component either at critical locations or in a semi-distributed way.

Using specifically designed interrogation units, which have redundancy, diminishes the use of fibre with our multiplex systems, and our serial sensor arrays we can leverage systems that can monitor Wind Blade Aeroelastic and Torsional States to improve their health monitoring and correctly command the pitch control system to improve the WTG efficiency.

Our data collection is precise, continuous, not affected by EMI, has the best real-time and Cloud Connectors (4G, 5G) at the best cost.


As part of its Bragg monitoring solutions LUMIKER has developed and integrated in several assets its Temperature Monitoring solutions.

Ideal for HV Cable Monitoring, and other Thermo Critical Assets (Turbines, Heaters, Pumps..) this system allows to measure critical points with a very high precision (0,5ºC) in a real-time basis.

LUMIKER also offers to calibrate with the data collected any thermal dynamic rating model (Analytical, or Finite Element) and to aid with the establishment of predictive strategies, on the remaining useful life (RUL), or to enhance future designs of the asset.