Discover the advantages of Cable Management Optical System

Maximize the life of your assets

The CAMOS system monitors in real time the most important variables of the cable by defining in CAMOS Interface (our visualization tool) the stress-free operation areas for the cable. This way the cable operator can extend the life of the cable if it is operated within these established comfort zones.

Saves maintenance costs

In underground cables, the maintenance process is very limited, as the cross-link and earthing boxes are usually buried and access is generally not easy. The currents flowing through the grounding system are undoubtedly clear indicators of the health of the entire cable system and the amplitude and phase of the current, giving a complete picture of the state of the cable system and the environment in which it is located, and allowing the engineer to make a useful comparison with what is expected according to the initial design.

Predictive maintenance of any installation is an increasingly important element of asset management. All technology requires periodic and time-consuming maintenance efforts.

By measuring the currents in the CAMOS system, it is possible to identify deviations from the installation in real time, or work on its data to improve the health of the installation.

CAMOS reduces common operational costs of cable maintenance such as periodic screen current measurements without moving teams to the field, CAMOS can even monitor temperature changes in cable splices, access to splice chambers, presence of water, … etc. without the need for additional expenses.

In mixed lines, where there are areas that work in the air and areas that are underground, CAMOS provides a protection difference of line that segregates in the part where it has occurred using a set of OCT located in the transit between lines.

Preventive Maintenance 

Traditional preventive maintenance is based on a field visit to collect and record data as screen streams.

CAMOS offers a more advanced solution, which allows continuous monitoring of the condition of underground power lines without the need for such trips. Variables like the zero sequence current, screen currents and the rest of the variables that compose the CAMOS system offer a complete system of measurement in time whose records and permanent deviations form the best alarm in a critical situation of the cable, being able to make an intervention in the cable before it evolves to a fault.

Corrective maintenance in case of failure.

Once a fault exists the CAMOS system provides the location of the fault in real time. Saving a lot of time and damages to the electric companies and their customers. Being able to solve the problem in the shortest time possible.