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Lumiker Aplicaciones Tecnológicas SL competes at the highest level of the emerging market of the photonic industry.

We specialise in fiber optic sensors based on technologies (Bragg, Faraday, Brillouin, Raman, etc...) that are powerful elements to  monitor different physical values.

The goal is to develop specific innovative sensors.

We combine different interdisciplinary technological knowledge to develop and obtain diagnostics and predictive applications to solve real problems.

Our major challenge is to find new technologies to process information: the key to success and viability to operate and maintain processes and activity on the electricity market.

The final objective must be clear: first-rate accurate information in real time, required for each asset and process with the appropriate price and repetition.

To obtain this information, we work with radical-initial elements, such as photonics, piezoelectricity, computer vision and any other element that obtains information. The core experience of the company is based on advanced photonics mainly applied to sensorial device technologies.


Since 2010, the year in which Lumiker was founded, and after a period focused on developing know-how in R&D projects in close cooperation with key players in different sectors, we have prioritised our strategy and main business in the short term to:

Own development products based on fiber optic sensor technologies, aimed at the electricity industry.

We are a competent, dynamic and flexible organisation.

The team is made up of professionals with university degrees and PhDs with strong innovation skills and an emphasis on continuous improvement. They are multidisciplinary professionals specialising in areas such as photonic technologies, signal processing methods, software and hardware design, mechanical engineering and electronics.